2023 Budget


2023 Annual Budget

Clark County adopted the 2023 Annual Budget on December 6, 2022. The total expense budget for 2023 is $753.5 million. The approved budget includes a 1% and banked capacity increase for the General Fund, Metropolitan Parks District (MPD) Parks Fund and Road Fund tax levies as recommended by County Manager Kathleen Otto. Based on the median household price of $525,000, the levy increase will cost taxpayers an additional $7.19 per year for the General Fund, $.90 per year for the MPD Parks Fund, and $26.55 per year for the Road Fund. These increases will generate an additional $1,311,776 revenue in the General Fund, $45,702 for the MPD Parks Fund and $2,463,824 in the Road Fund.

The approved budget focuses on urgent and immediate needs for the county. Additional needs will be considered in early 2023 including salary compensation considerations, capital projects and any outstanding jail transition-related items.

The budget presentation and videos of the Dec. 5 and Dec. 6 hearings are available on the county’s website at https://clark.wa.gov/councilors/clark-county-council-meetings.                           

2023 Annual Budget Reports:

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