Virtual Document Interpretation


Virtual Interpreter Meetings via Zoom

Zoom links for out-of-court meetings which can be requested by court appointed attorneys, guardians ad litem, probation officers, etc. Please send a request to our interpreter office by utilizing the online Interpreter Request Form at least 2 business days in advance, for our office to secure an interpreter.

Interpreter Request Form

To join your Zoom hearing, please click on the Meeting link of your language.
If you have questions about the Zoom app, please see our Virtual Hearing Resources page.

Zoom Links:

Meeting ID: 999 6344 1704

Meeting ID: 976 3284 8206

Meeting ID: 861 5282 5813
Meeting ID: 875 9231 9963

These links will only work during time scheduled with the Interpreter Services Office.

If you would like to join these meetings by telephone, dial:  1+(206) 337-9723 or (toll free) 1+(888) 788-0099 and then enter the meeting ID of the associated session listed above.