Tony Golik, Prosecuting Attorney

Elected to serve as Clark County Prosecuting Attorney 2011 to present.

Other professional experience:

Deputy Prosecutor 1996-2010. Experienced in all types of cases. Ten years assigned to Major Crimes teams, specializing in Class A Felony cases and homicide prosecutions. Board Chair Children’s Justice Center, Board co-chair County Juvenile Justice Counsel, Executive Board Chair Clark County Regional Drug Task Force

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Administration of Justice, Portland State University. Law Degree, Gonzaga University.

Community Service: Founding member and Board Chair of the Clark County Elder Justice Center. Member, Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission. Volunteers for and supports numerous community non-profits.


It is a great honor to serve as your County Prosecutor. We have a talented team of people in your Prosecutor’s Office who work hard to ensure our community remains safe and prosperous. Our team provides expert and compassionate service. Ethics and professionalism are the cornerstones of our office.

Community safety and positive outcomes at times can be best achieved without resorting to incarceration. As such, we have made strides in keeping youth in community programs where incarceration is not appropriate. Likewise, we have done good work to deliver appropriate treatment to those who suffer from mental illness by implementing a new felony level Mental Health Court. These innovative programs work to protect victims, deliver needed treatment, and reduce crime rates in our community.

Protecting kids with our Children’s Justice Center and protecting seniors with our Elder Justice Center are hallmarks of my work as your prosecutor. I will always strive to ensure our community is safe, justice is served, and people are treated fairly and with respect.