Trial Information

If you have received a subpoena for trial, please note the following information:

If you have a schedule conflict with the date on your subpoena, please notify our office immediately. It is very important that you leave your name, a daytime phone number where you can be reached, and the Court Number if you receive voice mail. Please contact the appropriate designated team representative named in your letter. Contact information is below.

Please let us know if you believe travel arrangements are required. Do not make your own arrangements as we can only reimburse allowable expenses.

Please use the TRIAL STATUS buttons above or call the Trial Hotline for the designated team on your subpoena on the Friday prior to trial for status updates or to confirm that the trial is occurring. The Trial Hotline is updated by 2:00pm on Friday prior to trial.

Designated Trial Unit Team Member Trial Hotline number Office Phone number
Children's Justice Center Kim Woods 564-397-2220 564-397-6002
District Court Suzanne Cannon 564-397-2269 564-397-2261
Domestic Violence Prosecution Center

Stacy McClaskey

Jeanne Schrantz

360-487-8543 360-487-8530
General Felonies/Elder Justice

Bonnie Kanekoa

Suzanne Tischart

564-397-2437 564-397-2261
Juvenile Various 564-397-2190 564-397-2261
Major Crimes Unit Deidre Smith 564-397-2279 564-397-2261