Purchasing Overview


The Purchasing Division receives requests for supplies, services and equipment required by county departments. The Purchasing staff obtains pricing, selects vendors, arranges for purchases and follows up on delivery, addresses complaints and maintains working relationships with the vendors. Through centralized buying, the department maximizes the buying power of public funds while treating vendors equitably and fairly.  

Employment - Verification (E-Verify)

Dear Clark County Prospective Bidders,

Subject:  Employment - Verification (E-Verify)

To be considered responsive to any formal Clark County  Bid/RFP or Small Works Quote, all vendors shall submit before, include with their response or within 48 hours after submittal, a recent copy of their E-Verify MOU or proof of pending enrollment. The awarded contractor shall be responsible to provide Clark County with the same E-Verify enrollment documentation for each sub-contractor ($25,000 or more) within thirty days after the sub-contractor starts work. Contractors and sub-contractors shall provide a report(s) showing status of new employee’s hired after the date of the MOU.  The status report shall be directed to the county department project manager at the end of the contract, or annually, which ever comes first.  E-Verify information and enrollment is available at the Department of Homeland Security web page: www.dhs.gov/E-Verify 

How to submit the MOU in advance of the submittal date:

Hand deliver to 1300 Franklin St, Suite 650, Vancouver, WA  98660, or;
Email to Koni.Odell@clark.wa.gov and Priscilla.Ricci@clark.wa.gov



Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration Requirements


Doing Business in Clark County
Green Purchasing List
Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Policy