County Auditor releases first ever Popular Annual Financial Report

Published Date

The Clark County Auditor’s Office recently released its 2020 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR). This is the first year the Auditor’s Office has compiled the report. The Finance Division wrote the report in an effort to provide financial information in a more “user friendly” format than other reports the Auditor’s Office prepares.

The 2020 PAFR provides a summary of the financial information provided in the Annual Financial Report. Both reports provide information on the county’s fiscal results and condition.

Not all county funds are presented in the PAFR. The PAFR concentrates on reporting governmental and business-type activities and the county’s general fund, as well as a summary of the county response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The PAFR is another tool to provide transparency and accountability to the public regarding their county government. Our hope is that users will find it easier to engage with the county as a result of the PAFR,” said Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey.

The 2020 PAFR is on the Auditor’s Financial Reports website at

Greg Kimsey, Clark County Auditor
Mark Gassaway, Finance Director, Auditor’s Office