What is a DD214 and why is it important?

The DD214 is the document issued by the Defense Department to each veteran identifying the veteran’s condition of discharge. The DD214 contains information needed to verify military service for:  benefits, retirement, employment, and membership in veterans’ organizations.

Why should you record your DD214 with the County Auditor?

Once recorded, your DD214 becomes a permanent record; it cannot be lost and it can be accessed by you or your family when needed.  It is not made public, only available to you or your next of kin.

How can I record my DD214?

Just bring your original DD214 to the Clark County Auditor Recording Department. We will record it and scan it and give you back your original.

How much does it cost?

The recording, as well as copies, of your recorded DD214 are free.

Where can I go to record my DD214?

You can record or obtain copies of your DD214 at:
Clark County Public Service Center
1300 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor Joint Lobby
Vancouver, 98660
(564) 397-2208


Information regarding public disclosure of military records can be found in the document "Public Disclosure of Discharge Records."

For more information visit the National Personnel Records Center website or the DD214 website.

Veterans forms

Standard Form 180 Request Pertaining to Military Records
Request for Exemption from Public Disclosure of Discharge
Request for Disclosure of Discharge Papers
Revocation and Re-designation of Disclosure of Discharge Papers
Request for Access / Copy of Exempt Discharge Papers