Rule 4.1(f) requires an Automatic Temporary Order entered upon filing of a Petition for Dissolution, Legal Separation, Declaration of Invalidity, Domestic Partnership or Petition to Establish Residential Schedule/Parenting Plan.  When one these new cases are filed the Clerk will fill out the case heading, case number, and and date the Automatic Temporary Order then print 3; one to file, one for Petitioner, and one for service on respondent.  If the case is E-filed the e-filing clerk will also fill out the Automatic Temporary Order file an original then e-mail it back to the attorney E-filing the case.
  • Citation Form (Word doc) - This is a general citation for use for noting a motion on the court docket. It can be used for civil, domestic or criminal cases.
  • Citation Form for Change of Plea Dockets (word doc) - This is the citation for to use when citing to criminal change of plea dockets only.  This citation may be faxed to the clerk's office and will constitute an original filing.  Please see change of plea information here.
  • Notice of Unavailability form
  • Copy Request Form (PDF) - This form is used to request copies from Superior Court files.
CICS (Case Information Coversheets)
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Civil Case Scheduling Rules and Forms
  • Joint Status Report
    The Joint Status Report is to be filed 10 days prior to the mandatory scheduling conference per LR 40(c)(4) and a courtesy copy sent to the assigned judicial department.
Local Court Rules are available on Superior Court Page
Civil Unlawful Detainer Forms