For Civil and Domestic Dockets (case type 2,3,4,5)

For Use By Attorneys Only. A party representing themselves must call the Clerk's Office at 564.397.5226 to strike or continue a hearing.

Please note that if this form is not filled out properly or if you are not the moving party, your case WILL REMAIN on the docket for that day.

DV Protection Order cases can not be stricken or set over-do not use this form for the DV Protection Order docket.

Strike a Motion, File a Setover or Continuance


If striking one of multiple motions for this case notify the docket clerk here:

By submitting this form I hereby certify that I am the moving party, I have notified the other party of the change. When you submit this form the information will update the strikes/setovers page . You will not receive any other confirmation from the Clerk's office.

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