Other Employment Programs


Clark County has a variety of other employment opportunities besides full-time or part-time employment. 

Americorps Vista opportunity

Ready Corps is a statewide program run by the Washington Service Corps and paid for by the federal AmeriCorps VISTA program. Ready Corps focuses on homeland security issues relating to disaster preparedness, emergency planning and community-outreach activities. For further information and application materials, contact Americorps.

Cadet program

Contact the Sheriff's Office Administrative Support Unit, (360) 397-2211 ext. 4164

The Clark County Sheriff's Cadet Program provides people interested in a law enforcement career an opportunity to receive on-the-job training in areas of non-enforcement activity. The program gives the  Sheriff's Office the opportunity to observe and evaluate cadets over an extended time period to determine whether the cadet would be qualified for law enforcement work with the Sheriff's Office. The cadet will be able to determine if he/she wishes to pursue a career in law enforcement prior to the Sheriff's Office formally training a new deputy. Sometimes, a deputy realizes a career in law enforcement is not a good fit and resign after the Sheriff's Office has invested money and months of training.

Temporary employment

Not all county jobs can be justified with regular positions. Some positions may be needed only temporarily. If you are interested in working for Clark County as a temporary employee, please contact one of the following agencies:

22nd Century Technologies
1220 Main Street, Suite 400, Olympia, WA 98501-15007
((703) 213-5867

Northwest Staffing Resources
700 Washington St Suite 601
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 695-4900

Work Study program

​Certain departments welcomes college students to a work studies program. These people not only gain valuable experience in a related field, but also help Clark County with special projects. Clark County hires work studies students from local colleges.

For information on how to become a Work Study student, contact your college advisor.