Making Things Right Program (MTR)

Class Description

The MTR class focuses on the importance of changing criminal behavior and thinking in order to increase empathy for an offender's victim(s).

Class Format

Three (3) classes; each class 90 minutes
for youth on Probation or Diversion
Referral is made by Probation Counselor

Making Things Right Program (MTR)

Keys to Reshaping Thoughts and Behaviors:

  • Humanizing the criminal event
  • Making the victim a real human being
  • Increasing the understanding of the human impacts of the criminal act

In MTR, discussions and exercises requiring active participation provide opportunities for this increased understanding and empathy.

For many youth, the MTR class will help prepare them for fulfilling their Restorative Community Service obligation. The exercises and discussion in MTR class seek to help youth frame their community service as both a personal obligation and an opportunity to make concrete amends for their offense. They are encouraged to understand this service experience can provide a positive connection with their community.

Dawn Young