Special Sex Offender Disposition Alternative (SSODA)

SSODA is a community supervision (probation) program for the intensive supervision of juveniles who are convicted of a sex offense. These offenders have been assessed as individuals who are safe to remain in the community while undergoing sanctions and treatment for their offenses. Offenders are to make amends for the harms done to victims, their families and the community.

Clark County Juvenile Court's SSODA Unit has a remarkable success rate of working with these juvenile offenders. Over 95% of these youth successfully complete the conditions of their court sentence. These requirements include:

  • All conditions of the offender's court order
  • Registering as a sex offender
  • Weekly meetings with the probation counselor
  • Weekly sessions with the sex offender therapist
  • Restricting contacts to community members deemed appropriate
  • Being under informed adult supervision as required

The SSODA probation counselor works with the offender's family, school and community contacts to ensure the safety of the community and the effective treatment of the offender.

Jill McGinnis