Real Estate Excise Taxes

Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) is the tax charged on the sale of real property. The Clark County Treasurer's Office serves as an agent of the State of Washington and processes Clark County's REET transactions and collects excise tax.  All processed transactions are sent to and reviewed by the Washington State Department of Revenue.


REET Rates & Processing

Excise tax is due 30 days from the date of the sale and is collected by the county treasurer where the sale occurred. The tax includes both a state and local component.  The state portion is calculated on a graduated structure based on the property sale price, not the value of the property.  The state graduated rate varies from 1.10% to 3.00%.  The local portion is a flat rate that varies by local municipality (click "Local REET Rates" below). A $5.00 transaction processing fee is added to each transaction.

The excise tax and processing fee must be paid in full before the deed or vesting information will be recorded by the Auditor's Office recording department. A sale may be exempt from excise taxes, please refer to the Washington Administrative Codes (WACs).

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REET revenue pays for road construction projects in Clark County and much more

Graduated State REET Rates - Revised January 1, 2023

Sale price thresholds

Tax rate

$525,000 or less


$525,000.01 - $1,525,000


$1,525,000.01 - $3,025,000


$3,025,000.01 or more


WA State Department of Revenue Instructional Videos - Completing a REETA

Completing a single location affidavit

Completing a multiple location affidavit


REET Processing Options

Real Estate Excise Tax payments and document processing can be completed in-person or by mail:

In-Person (Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m)

Clark County Treasurer's Office
1300 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, WA 98660

By Mail

Clark County Treasurer's Office
PO Box 5000
Vancouver, WA 98666

Make checks payable to Clark County Treasurer


Electronic Submissions for Title Companies and Law Offices


Title companies and law offices may submit packages through Simplifile for electronic real estate excise tax processing. Whereas most REET transactions can take 3-7 days by mail to process, Simplifile allows the Treasurer's Office to process excise transactions in 3-7 minutes (as long as all the transaction requirements are met). Please visit Simplifile's website for more information on submitting your transactions electronically.

Note: Electronic Simplifile excise transactions are processed the same day if a complete and accurate REETA package is submitted prior to 3:00 pm.


For historical rates please click here to download the "Real Estate Excise Tax Historical Rates."