Subagent Application Announcement

Vehicle / Vessel License Subagent Application Announcement

As part of an open competitive bid process, Clark County is accepting written business proposals for a vehicle/vessel license subagency appointment in the Battle Ground City area of Clark County.

Complete the following: "Request for Vehicle & Vessel License Subagency Business Proposal

The proposal should address each specific subject area. For technical assistance or submittal questions, please call Arnold Perez, Interim Program Manager of Auto Licensing, at 564-397-4707.

Bidders can ask questions about the bid process and about licensing services by emailing questions to All interested applicants are invited to attend a meeting on June 3, 2024, where questions will be answered. The Meeting will be held at 1408 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 in the Auto License conference room 233 at 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Your submitted proposal will be part of a competitive appointment process. It is important that you answer the questions as thoroughly as possible, giving specific descriptive details. Successful applicants in the written business proposal process will be scheduled for an in-person interview.

Clark County will make a recommendation to the Director of the Washington State Department of Licensing, who will make the decision on the subagency appointment.

It is important to understand that we are asking for a proposal. We do not expect, nor do we require signed leases, employment contracts or any obligation that is binding in any way.

Please submit a proposal by mail or in-person to:

Clark County
Attn: Purchasing Office
1300 Franklin Street
 6th floor Suite 650
Vancouver, WA 98660
Main phone: (360) 397-2323

The Department of Licensing provides Equal Opportunity when appointing subagents. We encourage all qualified persons to apply, including members of protected groups under applicable state and federal law.

For additional information on becoming a subagent please see:

All written proposals must be received no later than 3:00pm on Thursday June 27, 2024. Fax or emailed proposals will not be accepted. Mailed or hand-delivered proposals are considered received when physically date-stamped by the Purchasing Office.