Inmate release information

Inmates eligible for release depends on their criminal charges, bail dollar amounts, whether released by court during court proceedings or completion of court sentencing.

Individuals arrested with criminal charges and bail dollar amounts, and are housed in the Main Jail Facility prior to court proceedings or sentencing may be eligible for release. Full bail amounts for all charges must be paid prior to the inmate's release. Bail amounts are paid at the Clark County Courthouse during normal business hours or at the Clark County Jail Records after business hours. The full bail amounts may be paid by family or friends, or by a bail bond company. Bail bond companies usually charge 10% of the amount of bail to be paid to their company for services. Contact a local bail bond company for more details, information and requirements.

Individuals arrested with "no bail" criminal charges cannot be released prior to court proceedings and are housed in the Main Jail Facility until released or sentenced by the courts.

Individuals sentenced to jail time by the courts will be housed in the Clark County Jail Facilities until they have fulfilled the courts requirements. Inmates and offenders will be released on the date their sentence is completed. Release dates are calculated according to the amount of time court sentenced and/or dollars of court imposed fines required paid before release. Earned good time or qualified inmate worker (also known as trusty) time, and court imposed fines reduced by jail housing rate per day will adjust the calculated release dates.

Inmate and offender release times are dependent on the housing unit and the facility's order and security at the expected release time. Extenuating circumstance may cause some delays. The following are guidelines only during normal business hours. After hour releases are processed in the order received.

   Type of Release  Time Released

 Main Jail

 Bail posted or fines paid
 Court released, 8 am - Noon
 Court released, Noon - 5 pm
 Day sentence complete
 Serving less than 4 days
 2 - 4 hours after payment
 Late afternoon
 Early evening
 7 am - 8 am
 Same time booked in