Professional visitors

Professional visitors are attorneys and legal personnel, court and state agency personnel, and authorized medical and mental health professionals and programs and must have approved and current Jail Clearance to access inmates.

Professional visitors must adhere to the following:

  • I shall bring valid government issued photo identification (ID ex. driver's license) each time I visit. At check-in, I understand I must exchange my ID for a visitor pass prior to accessing secured areas of the facility.
  • I shall dress according to standard visiting rules (appropriate fit/not transparent or revealing/skirts and shorts no higher than 3" above the knee, and footwear appropriate to the environment).
  • I understand only necessary personal items are allowed in the facility and agree to secure all other items prior to entering the secured portion of the jail.
  • If I am in the facility when the jail is entering routine lockdown times, I shall conclude my business, gather my belongings, and exit the facility promptly. In the event of an emergency, I shall await assistance and/or instructions from a deputy.
  • I am aware that I may request to be placed in a visiting area more restrictive than the level for which I am eligible (ex. Non-Contact rather than direct Contact) for my own level of comfort and exposure to inmates.
  • I agree to wear the issued pass and keep it visible to jail staff at all times. I agree to immediately report the loss of the pass, locker key(s), and/or personal property to a duty Sergeant.
  • I recognize I am not allowed to have contact with incarcerated friends or family members. Any contact I may have with incarcerated friends or family will be accomplished in accordance with standard inmate visiting rules and protocols, separate from this agreement, and I agree to notify the duty Sergeant immediately regarding potential conflicts that may arise.
  • I understand the jail is open for professional visits during specific hours, and that access is granted on a first come first served basis according to purpose and the facility's operational needs.

Professional visiting hours

Hours may vary due to operational needs.
Verify hours by calling 564-397-2211 

8:00 am - 11:30 am
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm