Inmate property release

keys, wallet, smartphone

Individuals property is removed, itemized and bagged for storage during preparations for housing. Inmate and offender personal property is stored at the facility they are housed.

Within the first 72 hours in custody, certain personal small items such as house keys, jewelry, wallet, and money credited to their inmate account can be released. Property releases after 72 hours and an emergency release of large items, clothing items, or shoes must be approved by authorized jail staff. Prescription medications will not be released to anyone other than the individual prescribed.

To release personal property, the inmate must authorize a person to pick up the property. The authorized individual will need valid picture identification for verification and will need to wait for the released property. If the inmate is sentenced to prison, all of their property with the exception of a few items, will be released after they have left the Clark County Jail Facility.

Inmates and offenders being released from the Clark County Jail Facilities can receive their property at time of release. All property remaining after the inmate or offender is released will remain stored at the Clark County Jail.  After 60 days it may be disposed of or donated.

  Location property stored after release Action Timeframe 
Main Jail Clark County Jail Disposed of or donated after 60 days

Impounded vehicle release

Impounded or stolen vehicle releases are done directly at the tow company. Payment of any applicable fees and proof of ownership will be needed for vehicle's release. A vehicle release form or letter may be required on occasion. Contact the tow company for fee amounts and complete release information needed.

If the registered owner is not with the vehicle an attempt to contact the registered owner is done prior to towing. If contact is not successful or the registered owner is unable to keep possession of the vehicle, a tow company will respond and tow the vehicle. 

For information concerning which tow company responded, contact Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency at 360.696.4461.