Archived Audit Reports


2007 Audit Reports

Clark County's Information Services: Gaps Still Exist Over Key Information Technology Controls
October, 2007

Performance Audit of Animal Protection and Control
October, 2007

Environmental Public Health Management Review
February, 2007

Contracting for Professional Services Performance Audit
January, 2007

2006 Audit Reports

Department of Community Development: Fire Marshal's Office Performance Audit
June, 2006

Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds: Controls over Revenue Contracts
January, 2006

2005 Audit Reports

Code Enforcement Audit Report
October, 2005

2004 Audit Reports

Internal Control Receipting Reviews
December, 2004

Department of Community Services Grants Management Follow-up Review
June, 2004

Department of Public Works - Performance Audit of Vehicle Fleet Management
May, 2004

Sheriff's Office Support Branch Receipting Controls Audit
February, 2004

Report on Audit Services' Cash Handling Reviews for 2003
January, 2004


2003 Audit Reports

Service Efforts and Accomplishments
November, 2003

Community Development: Review of Planning and Development Fees
October, 2003

Clean Water Program Performance Audit
June, 2003

Capital Improvement Project Map
June, 2003

Jail Food Services Performance Audit
May, 2003

Community Development: Review of Timeliness of Application Processing
April, 2003

2002 Audit Reports

Customer Survey Results for the Department of Community Development
December, 2002

Service Efforts and Accomplishments
November, 2002

Cash Handling Reviews for 2001-2002
October, 2002

Community Development Performance Audit: Status of Implementation of Audit Recommendations
September, 2002

Clean Water Program Audit: Interim Report - Billing and Collection System
June, 2002

2001 Audit Reports

Cable Television Franchise Fee Audit
December, 2001

1999 Audit Reports

Service Efforts and Accomplishments
December, 1999