Fire District 3 to be added to property tax statements for Battle Ground properties

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Property owners within the Battle Ground city limits will see an additional tax on their 2021 tax statements. Clark County Fire District 3 will now appear on all tax statements within the city boundary area as a result of the voter approved annexation of Battle Ground into the Fire District.

On the back of each tax statement a Comparison of Tax History breaks taxes down into voted and non-voted levies. Fire District 3’s fire levy will appear under the non-voted levy portion of the tax breakdown.

“City and fire district voters approved annexation last year,” explained Assessor Peter Van Nortwick.
“The vote was to annex into a fire district with an existing levy, so it is not considered a ‘voted levy.’”

The vote allowed Fire District 3 to collect a fire levy from Battle Ground properties at the same rate as other properties currently served by the fire district. As a result, Battle Ground property owners should anticipate an increase in property taxes, including those properties on the senior exemption program. The vote did not impact the amount of property taxes the City of Battle Ground could collect.

As a result of the annexation, all Battle Ground voters are represented by the Fire District 3 Board of Fire Commissioners and are eligible to vote on any fire district levy increases in the future.

“Annexation will maintain the quality and level of emergency services our communities require,” said Fire Chief Scott Sorenson. “We have been honored to be the fire service provider to the city and are excited to welcome residents of Battle Ground into the district.”

For any questions on property tax levies or assessed value contact Assessor Peter Van Nortwick. For questions regarding tax statements contact Treasurer Alishia Topper. Questions about the annexation and services of Fire District 3 should be directed to Chief Scott Sorenson.

Alishia Topper, County Treasurer, 564.397.4452, 
Peter Van Nortwick, County Assessor, 564.397.2391,
Chief Scott Sorenson, Fire District 3, 360.892.2331,