Tax Foreclosure Auctions

Real Property Auctions

Past due (delinquent) property taxes on real property accounts which are three (3) or more years delinquent, are subject to foreclosure. 

Prospective Buyers

The foreclosure tax sale is typically held online during the first week of February. By mid-December, prior to the foreclosure tax sale, all properties at-risk will be posted on the Clark County Treasurer’s website. Once the list of available properties for the following foreclosure tax sale has been posted, interested buyers can visit our store front at view the property's legal description, property demographics and title information. Prospective buyers are strongly encouraged to research each property extensively prior to an investment.

Please be advised: The last date to redeem properties from tax foreclosure is the day before the auction. It is highly likely that the list of available properties will decrease as the foreclosure tax sale date nears.

BID4ASSETS is the county’s third-party vendor, who administers our auction process online. The only way to participate in the foreclosure tax sale is to register with BID4Assets online and submit the following required fees; a $2,500.00 deposit as well as a $35.00 processing fee, by the posted registration deadline.

For further specifics about the tax sale and participating in the auction, please review our Terms of Sale.

ID Situs Address Legal Sold Price Appraised Value



#213 SEC 10





STORM TRACT   GORDON  SP 4-069   0.13A





#48 SEC 20 T4N R4EWM        5.06A





#49 SEC 20 T4N R4EWM         6.82A





#2 LOT 2 SP3-237    .01A




9609 NW 18TH AVE, VANCOUVER, 98665






#121 JAMES CARTY DLC       .79A



Image by Klimkin from Pixaby

Personal Property Distraint

Equipment lists are available at the Treasurer’s Office before the auction and also at the auction site. All bidders must be registered.  Registration occurs the morning of the auction. No changes to the registration can be made after the sale.  There is no registration fee. When registering, the Treasurer's Office provides a copy of the personal property auction terms of sale. It is required to read and sign before being issued a bidder number card. Bids will not be accepted without a card.

Payment type accepted include: cash, money orders; personal or business checks with a letter of guarantee from a bank.

Those wishing to bid must be present or have a representative present at the auction. The auctioneer announces the minimum bid for each item. 

These are oral auctions. To bid, hold up the issued bidder card and call out the bid amount. Each item is sold to the highest bidder.

Once an item is sold, the successful bidder must immediately step forward and pay in full. No time is allowed for bidders to leave the sale to get funds and return, no matter how quickly they might accomplish this.

If full payment is not made as required, the item is re-auctioned. A successful bidder who does not pay will not be allowed to bid on any other items at the auction.