Local Investment Pool

The Clark County Investment Pool (CCIP) invests cash reserves for all County agencies and approximately 40 special districts and other public entities, such as school fire, cemetery, water and sewer, and other special purpose districts.

County Pool VS LGIP

The average annual balance of funds invested in the Clark County Investment Pool (CCIP) ranges between $1 billion and $1.3 billion in fund balances. The balance is dependent upon participants’ bond issues and tax receipt cycles.

The pool’s primary investment objectives are safety, liquidity, and return on investment. The pool is only allowed to invest in certain types of highly rated securities, such as U.S. treasury obligations, federal agency obligations, top-rated municipal and corporate debt issuances, U.S. based supranational bonds, commercial paper, and certificates of deposit.


Governing Authority and Oversight

The Clark County Treasurer is authorized by RCW 36.29.020 to determine the investable balances in each fund.

The Clark County Investment Policy is established by the Clark County Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall recommend policy changes as appropriate to the County Finance Committee. The County Finance Committee meets quarterly and its members are:

Clark County also retains a third party investment advisor to ensure compliance with all policy objectives. 

Pool Participants

On average, county departments hold 40 percent of the pool and outside districts hold 60 percent. Large school bond issuances for construction greatly impact these percentages.

Pool Participant Graph