Frequently Asked Questions


Due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, the Clark County Auditor, Assessor and Treasurer closed the Joint Lobby on the second floor of the Public Service Center and will continue to conduct business in a virtual format until further notice. The GIS Map Store is closed to in-person services.

All services are available either online, by mail, or phone. A convenient drop box has been added to the entrance of the Public Service Center. 

Property Tax

There are tax relief programs for homeowners who meet eligibility requirements. To find out more information please visit the Tax Relief page.

In Washington state taxes can be paid twice a year per state law RCW 84.56.020. First half is due by April 30 and the second half is due by October 31. If the first half payment is not paid in full by the due date, 1% interest is charged on the entire tax amount on the 1st of each month. If the balance is still outstanding on June 1, an additional 3% penalty is assessed. If the balance is still outstanding on December 1, an 8% penalty is assessed.

Penalty is only charged on the current tax year, whereas the 1% interest will continue to accrue until the remaining balance is paid.

To quickly and easily access your statement please visit our Online Payment Site and search by last name or property account number. If you have additional questions, please call the Treasurer’s Office at 564.397.2252 or email and a representative will be happy to assist you.

There are two options available to update your mailing address.  Address changes can be made anytime.

  1. Mail or email a completed Mailing Address Change Form to the Assessor’s Office. This form allows multiple property mailing address changes at once.
  2. Or, fill out the address change form section on the back of your tax statement.

You can expect first half property tax statements to be available by March 15. Second half statements are typically available by September 15.

Yes. Visit our Online Payment Site and create an account to sign up for paperless billing.

To verify if your property taxes have been paid please our Online Payment Site and search by last name or property account number. If you have additional questions, please call the Treasurer’s Office at 564.397.2252 or email and a representative will be happy to assist you.

No. In Washington state, prepayment of property taxes is not allowed.

Congratulations on paying off your mortgage! Pertaining to the Treasurer’s office, please notify us and we will update your account so property tax statements will be mailed to the mailing address on file.


Yes. If your payment envelope is postmarked on or before the due date, it is considered an on-time payment. Please keep in mind that mail dropped off in a mailbox may not be postmarked that day.

Any concerns regarding postmark can be handled by going to the post office to make sure it is postmarked same day or by paying with an e-Check online for free.

For payment of property taxes, please make your check or money order payable to “Clark County Treasurer.”

We recommend listing the property account number/address and tax year to be paid, in the memo line of the check.

Yes. The Treasurer’s Office can accept payments over the phone via our Point & Pay payment line at 1.833.440.8685, press 1 when recording starts. The payment call center accepts e-Checks, debit cards, and credit cards. Please be aware, Point & Pay charges a convenience fees for debit and credit transactions. For debit, there is a flat $3.95 fee whereas for credit, there is a 2.39% of the payment total fee. There are no additional fees for using an e-Check.

Treasurer’s Office representatives are unable to accept payments over the phone through our general phone line 564.397.2252. Point & Pay offer’s 24-hour live representative assistance, as well as the ability to leave a message and have a call back when wait times are long.

Due to COVID-19, our Point & Pay payment call center is experiencing above-average wait times. The intro instructions will continue to advise you to pay online. If you still wish to make a phone payment, please hold until the end of the auto recorded message and follow the prompts. 

Online or mail payments are suggested. 

No. But, including a payment stub is preferred. It ensures the payment is applied to the correct account, but a payment stub is not required. If you do not have a payment stub (coupon), please write your property account number on the memo line of your check.

Yes. But, billed amounts are still due by the due dates or interest and penalties will apply.

Yes. Anyone can pay on a property tax account unless the property is in foreclosure and the certificate of delinquency has been filed with the courts.