Real Property Foreclosure


Delinquent Real Property Taxes

Per RCW 84.64, real property with past due property taxes that are three (3) or more years delinquent are subject to tax foreclosure. To prevent foreclosure once court proceedings begin, all outstanding taxes, interest, penalties, and foreclosure costs must be paid in full before the scheduled foreclosure auction date.

Homeowners subject to foreclosure are sent notifications regarding their property to the mailing address on record.  To check your current mailing address, please visit the Property Information Center to verify your address on record. Requests for mailing address updates can be submitted online to the Assessor’s Office.

If you are facing foreclosure or are otherwise past due on your real property taxes, please contact our office at 564.397.2252 or by emailing  Tax relief or other assistance may be available; please visit our Tax Relief page for more details.

For more details on real property tax sales, please visit our auction page.