Charter Overview


In November 2014, the voters of Clark County voted to adopt the home rule charter form of government. This change gave the registered voters in the county the power to propose initiatives and referenda.

Clark County Charter

adopted by the Clark County Board of Freeholders / May 27, 2014

Article 1 Powers of the County
Section 1.1 General powers
Section 1.2 Intergovernmental relations
Section 1.3 Construction
Section 1.4 Name, boundaries, county seat
Section 1.5 Separation of powers and cooperation of branches

Article 2 The Legislative Branch
Section 2.1 County council composition
Section 2.2 Organization
Section 2.3 Terms of council members
Section 2.4 Powers of the council
Section 2.5 Rules of procedure
Section 2.6 Relationship with other branches

Article 3 The Executive Branch
Section 3.1 Composition and powers
Section 3.2 The county manager
Section 3.3 Appointments by the county manager
Section 3.4 Administrative departments
Section 3.5 Other elected officials
Section 3.6 Appointments by other elected officials

Article 4 Financial Administration
Section 4.1 Financial administration

Article 5 Human Resources
Section 5.1 Applicability
Section 5.2 Council authority
Section 5.3 County manager authority
Section 5.4 Exclusions from the human resource policies
Section 5.5 Elected official salaries and compensation
Section 5.6 Employment and status as elected official
Section 5.7 Privilege

Article 6 Elections and Districts
Section 6.1 Election procedures
Section 6.2 Offices designated
Section 6.3 Qualifications - Limitations
Section6.4 District boundaries
Section 6.5 Redistricting committee
Section 6.6 Redistricting plan

Article 7 Initiative and Referendum
Section 7.1 Direct government
Section 7.2 Initiative
Section 7.3 Mini-initiative
Section 7.4 Referendum
Section 7.5 Recall

Article 8 General Provisions
Section 8.1 Form of ordinances
Section 8.2 Enactment of ordinances
Section 8.3 Repeal and amendment of ordinances
Section 8.4 Emergency ordinances
Section 8.5 Resolutions
Section 8.6 Motions
Section 8.7 Nondiscrimination
Section 8.8 Purchasing, contracts, claims and bonds
Section 8.9 Franchises
Section 8.10 Public disclosure
Section 8.11 Severability

Article 9 Charter Review and Amendments
Section 9.1 Charter review commission
Section 9.2 Commission responsibility and duty
Section 9.3 Charter amendments, general provisions
Section 9.4 Charter amendments proposed by the charter review commission
Section 9.5 Charter amendments proposed by the public
Section 9.6 Charter amendments proposed by the council
Section 9.7 Codification

Article 10 Transitional Provisions
Section 10.1 Purpose of article
Section 10.2 Form of government established
Section 10.3 Continuation of ordinances and vested rights
Section 10.4 Boards and commissions
Section 10.5 Budget
Section 10.6 Transition to council districts, elections and terms of office
Section 10.7 Salaries of elected officials
Section 10.8 Code revisions
Section 10.9 Charter amendments

Appendix A