County enters contract with Comcast to provide broadband in area northeast of Battle Ground Lake

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The Clark County Council recently approved the county manager to sign a contract with Comcast to install broadband fiber in an area of the county that lies northeast of Battle Ground Lake. 

The project will create approximately 31 miles of new fiber-optic broadband in a service area that would extend from the Northeast corner of Battle Ground Lake east to approximately Northeast 220th Avenue. 

The $5.21 million high-speed internet expansion project is being funded as a public-private partnership between Comcast and Clark County, with the county contributing $3.65 million of federal funding allocated through the American Rescue Plan Act or ARPA. The project aligns with the council policy goal to expand access to high-speed internet throughout the county.

“This public - private partnership is years in the works, and I am gratified to finally see it move forward,” said Clark County Council Chair Gary Medvigy. The county council initiated this project on our own in advance of other state and federal initiatives. This project will add more than 500 high speed connections into an area underserved in our rural unincorporated area. It is just the beginning as the process for much larger grants are in progress to address other underserved areas.” 

“We’re thrilled about this landmark agreement to extend multi-gig-speed internet services to rural Clark County,” said Samantha Ridderbusch, Government Affairs Director for Comcast Pacific Northwest Region.“We are particularly proud of this partnership, which will see Comcast constructing the necessary infrastructure to deliver a robust, fiber-rich network and a full suite of services to more than 500 homes and businesses.”

Comcast plans to begin constructing this summer, with some homes and businesses expected to gain access to services starting in winter 2024/2025. Construction is anticipated to continue through summer of 2025.

Once permits are obtained and construction has begun in the public rights of way, Comcast will create an online resource for residents seeking information about the network build in their neighborhood, including answers to frequently asked questions and product and service details.

For more information about Clark County’s broadband expansion initiative, please visit the Clark County Broadband Program. Information about Comcast’s broadband investments and expansion in rural Clark County is available on the Comcast Network Expansion page.