Elected Official Welcome

Eileen Quiring O'Brien
Council Chair

The county corrections facility should help foster safety for the entire community.  Our aging and overcrowded jail has created a need to look at the possibility of either remodeling or building a new facility to meet our current needs. Since public safety is a priority for the county, a consultant was engaged to create a report on the various possibilities for a new or a remodeled jail.

After receiving the consultant’s report, the Corrections Facility Advisory Commission was formed to make further recommendations to the Sheriff and the Council.

We look forward to receiving the recommendations and anticipate that we will then present the best possible solution to the citizens of the county to make the final decision on the best path forward. 

Eileen Quiring O'Brien, Council Chair


Chuck E. Atkins

The Correction Facility Advisory Commission is an important step in addressing the aging jail facility.  The current jail was built at a time when correctional practices were focused solely on the confinement of inmates with little or no consideration given to alternative methods of incarceration or transitioning offenders back into the community.  As we look to replace the jail facility, we have a tremendous opportunity to design a new jail that incorporates new jail designs, new technology, and modern approaches to correctional practices.  We also have a unique opportunity to include our community partners who provide services and outreach to people who are at risk of reoffending due to drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness or other risk factors.  I look forward to working with members of the commission as they begin to envision and scope a modern Clark County jail facility.

Sheriff Chuck E. Atkins