About Clark County


With its great natural beauty, the area known today as Clark County, Washington, always has attracted people and settlements. Framed by the scenic Cascade Range to the east and majestic Columbia River to the south and west, the area was both a gathering place for native tribes and the site of the first non-native settlement in the Pacific Northwest.

The county's recent history can be characterized by growth, growth and more growth in population, jobs and housing. In fact, the county is one of the fastest growing in the state of Washington.

Planning for growth while maintaining an excellent quality of life is one of the challenges facing Clark County government. By most accounts, the county and its citizens are up to the challenge. Not only does Clark County have a proud past, but it has a promising future as well.

Proud Past

Tribes, explorers, fur traders, Hawaiians, Prunarians, shipbuilders and someone named Clark.

Promising Future

Educating our young. Solving transportation challenges. Creating parks and green spaces. Land-use planning. Developing housing and jobs for the future.

Who governs Clark County?

Citizens, the Board of County Councilors, elected officials, advisory boards and other local, state and regional influences.

Welcome to our community

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