County Budget


Every year, the Clark County Council is required to adopt a balanced budget. Budget decisions involve difficult choices because resources are limited. That’s why it’s essential the county has a sense of the public’s priorities.

You can provide input throughout the budget process, from the initial phases through adoption. Each phase brings the budget closer to completion, so becoming involved early is the best way to be effective. Elected officials and department heads generally know in May what their resources will be for the coming year, so between May and July is an excellent time to weigh in on their priorities, before they develop specific budget requests.

In addition, by law residents have three formal opportunities to comment on the budget. They are:

  • When departments officially submit budget requests.
  • When the county manager’s recommended budget is published.
  • When the councilors hold public hearings on the budget.

Although exact dates may vary, budget development follows this general timeline:

  • March Budget staff presents revenue forecasts; county councilors identify their budget priorities.
  • July Departments develop budget requests.
  • August Departments meet individually with budget staff to discuss their budgets.
  • September Elected officials meet in work sessions with the councilors.
  • November County manager recommends budget; recommended budget presented to community, departments and County Councilors in work session; recommended budget published on the county website.
  • December County Council holds public hearings to take comments on budget; board adopts budget for upcoming year.

All work sessions and public hearings about the budget are open to the public. They offer residents the opportunity to learn specific information and offer comments.

For more information, please call the Budget Office at (564) 397-6097 or visit their website.