Disaster plan overview


Although infrequent, natural disasters always are a possibility. In the past, Clark County has seen major flooding, earthquakes, ice storms, summer fires, volcanic eruptions and the occasional tornado and windstorm. Recently, terrorist acts, including bioterrorism, have been added to the list of potential disasters.

Most of us don't like to think about a disaster, much less spend time and money preparing our homes, families and businesses for one. But consider this: In any emergency, first responders will be dealing with critical life and death situations, and most community disaster plans take three days or more to implement.

In the event of a major emergency – an earthquake, for instance – people at home and work need to be able to go it alone for at least 72 hours. Being self-sufficient for at least that long is essential.

Each of us needs a personal emergency plan and items such as food, hygiene supplies and medications to meet our needs for 72 hours or longer. Below are links to disaster planning and response information.

Supplies Kit