Advisory boards and volunteering

Across the county

Members of more than 20 citizens advisory committees and boards volunteer their time and share their perspective to help shape Clark County’s future. Their work affects decisions that deal with everything from land-use planning to weed management.

In addition to these standing committees, other citizens advisory groups are formed to deal with specific issues as they arise. These committees generally disband once the issues are resolved. For instance, such ad hoc committees have helped revise Clark County’s development review process and refine the county’s ordinance on wetlands protection. Committee members make recommendations on important decisions about policies, how resources are distributed, and how services are provided.

Commission on Aging meeting

Closer to home

If you'd rather focus on issues closer to home, consider volunteering with your local neighborhood association. Many conduct service projects that improve the environment, infrastructure or sense of community in a specific area.

Teens volunteer opportunity to weed and clean up Clark County park.