Neighborhood Associations Council of Clark County

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NACCC Policy for Meeting Conduct


"The Neighborhood Associations Council of Clark County (NACCC), Washington serves as a nonpartisan and non-political conduit for communication among the neighborhood associations of the county, local government, and other organizations, as a means of promoting quality of life for everyone in Clark County.”


NACCC brings together citizen leaders and members across the county with this regular forum to connect, share issues of common interest and serve as a resource for any neighborhood in unincorporated Clark County, Washington. 

NACCC meetings are held regularly on the second Monday of each month. You can attend the meetings in person, or virtually through Zoom software. Links to the meetings are listed on the agendas below.

All Clark County neighborhood leaders and interested residents are welcome!

Stephan Abramson, Chair
Ila Westergard, Vice-Chair
Bridget McLeman, Secretary
Kirk VanGelder, Treasurer 

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Clark County's Neighborhood Outreach Office  
Marilee McCall, Neighborhood Program Coordinator
Neighborhood Association assistance for unincorporated Clark County


Date Agenda/Minutes Notes/Related Documents
  • Outside & Partner Organization Updates
  • Public Works, Roads, and Parks Updates
    Kaley McLachlan-Burton, PW Public Outreach
  • Neighborhood Outreach Program Updates
    Marilee McCall, Neighborhood Program Coordinator
  • Discussion on revised Railroad issues letter


  • FRDU Letter submitted for review of neighborhood leaders
    Discussion of membership regarding support on the issue and next steps.
  • Roundtable: Neighborhood Leaders Reports and Check-ins