Running for Office


One way to affect government is seek elective office. Just as there are many ways to participate in the government process, there are many different offices you could choose — everything from school board member to county councilor, city council member or sewer district commissioner.

Who is eligible? 

Each office on the ballot has its own set of qualifications. However, some basic rules apply. These are:

  • Candidates must be registered voters.
  • Candidates must live in the district in which they are seeking office.
  • Candidates must be United States citizens.
  • Candidates must file within certain timelines and pay the required fees. The fee is usually 1 percent of the position’s annual salary.
  • Requirements for public disclosure information vary depending on the office. Candidates are required to provide information regarding campaign contributions, supporters and personal financial information.

Questions regarding campaign finances? Contact the Public Disclosure Commission at 360.753.1111.

For more information on upcoming elections and filing for elective office, contact the Clark County Elections Office at 564.397.2345.