Clark County elected officials


The structure of county government is complex. As of Jan 1, 2016, the county will have 27 elected officials governing on behalf of the citizens. The voters elect the following officials every four years:

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  • Sets the value of all real and personal property in the county for tax purposes


  • Holds elections
  • Records important county documents and issues auto registrations and marriage licenses
  • Manages the county’s accounting and finance functions

Board of County Councilors (write your councilor)

  • The councilors are the legislative authority for Clark County. They adopt all county ordinances, develop and implement planning and zoning policies, adopt the biennial budget, and make citizen appointments to some advisory committees and boards.


  • Serves and supports  Superior Court by receiving and processing court documents, attending and assisting in all court proceedings, maintaining court files, and entering court orders, judgments and decrees
  • Manages all documents related to Juvenile Court proceedings

District Court judges 

  • Six judges serve as the trial court for misdemeanors, infractions and small claims and civil suits involving amounts less than $50,000.
  • Many of these cases are traffic related.
  • Oversee county Corrections programs under the direction of an appointed court administrator.

Prosecuting Attorney

  • Prosecutes violations of the law, including all civil actions that involve Clark County
  • Advocates for the rights of crime victims, collects child support, and serves as an impartial adviser to elected and appointed officials of Clark County


  • Works in partnership with our diverse communities to promote and enhance the safety and quality of life in Clark County
  • Responds to a variety of public safety incidents ranging from domestic violence, traffic violations and drug abuse to assault, burglary and identity theft
  • Supervises criminal investigations, crime prevention, jail and community policing in unincorporated areas

Superior Court judges

  • Superior Court is the trial court for felonies and serious civil suits involving amounts in excess of $50,000.
  • The 10 Superior Court judges have jurisdiction in adoption, probate, divorce, competency and juvenile cases, and hear appeals of District Court decisions.


  • Collects all property and real estate excise taxes in Clark County
  • Manages millions of dollars in cash and assets, including bank accounts, investments, debt and trust accounts
  • Manages funds for other local government agencies, including school districts, fire districts, port districts, cemetery districts and library districts

Confused about how everything fits together? Look at the Clark County government organization chart.

Together, these officials employ more than 1,500 dedicated staff members – people whose daily job is to ensure the services Clark County provides are delivered with integrity and professionalism.

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