Work from two local artists on display at the Rebecca Anstine Gallery through May

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Artists’ reception scheduled for Friday, April 5


Artwork from two local artists is on display at the Rebecca Anstine Gallery through May. The show, Spirit/Nature features paintings by MJ McColum and Zhana Tsytsyn. 

The gallery is on the sixth floor of the Clark County Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St. It is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

A reception for the artists will be held at the gallery 5-7 pm Friday, April 5. The event is sponsored by the Clark County Arts Commission. It is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. 

MJ McColum
MJ McColum is a contemporary, abstract artist based in Vancouver. Her art explores connections and contrasts of color, shape, line and plane. Her practice is based on an active attempt to reject the natural tendency of the mind to create familiarity and meaning by deconstructing the recognizable and creating works that are visually pleasing and fresh. She feels deeply connected to Source when painting, and the work is heavily influenced by that connection and by her connection to music, which guides her practice and keeps her deeply focused on the creative act. Often, the work feels as if she is guided by something other than herself. 

The intention of the work is to evoke a desire to continue to see the possibilities, associations, and interplay within the paintings and to allow the viewer to create their own meaning and observe their imagination in action.

Zhanna Tsytsyn
Tsystsyn’s work in this show is rooted in Eco-somatics with an understanding that nature is not outside us. It is not the woods or mountains accessed only when we walk out the door of our home. We are nature. We are water, earth, fire and air. We are cells, microbes, and bacteria. Recognizing our personal body as inextricable from the planetary body. Our body is part of the global ecosystem. The ecology of our body is part of the ecology of earth. 

This work examines the ways in which primordial matter - life, breath, flesh - succumbs to various conditions that are pressed upon it. Through these paintings, Tsytsyn negotiates the mechanics of body and paint movement and taps into a deep knowing of the body.

Looking for vibration and rhythm, the play of line creating positive and negative space, searching for tonal balance through contrast or harmony, while developing color relationships that hug or repel. The works explore the elemental human yearning for permanence and connection in a universe governed by constant change. 

Steven Stoltenberg, Curator, Rebecca Anstine Gallery