Precinct error causes small group of voters to receive wrong ballot type

Published Date

Vancouver, Wash. ‒ Clark County Elections discovered, through correspondence by a voter, that a small amount of voters received incorrect ballot styles or received a ballot when they should not have received one for the Feb. 11, 2020, special election.

Elections’ staff analyzed the information and determined that a group of voters had been inadvertently moved to an incorrect precinct when the software application that determines voters’ precincts was updated in December.

There were 38 voters who did not receive a ballot and should have. Ballots for these voters will go out in the mail today. There were 58 voters who received a ballot, but should not have. Those ballots have now been canceled, and cannot be counted. Letters will be sent to these voters explaining the error. Nine voters received the wrong ballot style.  The incorrect ballot was canceled, and a new ballot will be issued, along with a letter of explanation.

There were other voters that had their precincts incorrectly changed, but were not impacted with an incorrect ballot type, or were not in this election.

County staff worked with the State Elections Office to identify all voters and make sure they are registered in the proper precincts. This error was corrected before any ballots were counted for the February special election.

Greg Kimsey
County Auditor