Replacement Ballot


All registered voters in Clark County will receive ballots for the Aug. 4 Primary and Special Election.


Ballots were sent out to all voters starting July 17. Your ballot should arrive by July 23. 

Replacement Ballot By Mail

Ballots are now forwarded by the post office. If you have moved and have not updated your address, you will need to contact us so we can provide you a ballot for your current residence. You must notify us to update your information.

If you need a replacement ballot mailed to you, click here and enter your first name, last name and date of birth and select submit.  Click on ballot status, then under search results select your Primary ballot. Select REQUEST A REPLACEMENT BALLOT BY MAIL.

You may also contact us by phone or email to request a replacement ballot by mail.

Please Note: Replacement ballots requested after July 31 might not make it to you in time. Consider the online ballot marking system listed below to get an electronic replacement ballot. 

Online Replacement Ballot Marking Program

If you wish to access the online replacement ballot marking program, click here  and enter your first name, last name and date of birth to receive a ballot based upon where you live. Click on MY BALLOT, then select ONLINE BALLOT to get to your online replacement ballot.

Important - Make sure to print your marked ballot AND print your ballot packet. Your ballot packet contains the  declaration sheet you must sign and return, along with instructions for returning your ballot by mail.

Replacement Ballot In Person*

* PLEASE NOTE - Although you may also come to our office at 1408 Franklin St. to get a replacement ballot or register for the Primary, we have implemented safety procedures regarding social distancing and are limiting the number of citizens in our office.  You are required to wear a mask upon entering the building.


If your ballot becomes lost or damaged, you may request a replacement ballot by contacting the Elections Office.


Speech-to-speech relay 800.833.6384

1408 Franklin Street, Vancouver 98661