Clark County Assessor’s Office to begin real property appraisals April 28

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Vancouver, Wash. – Clark County is a thriving community and desirable area in which to live. Each year, thousands of new homes are built, remodeled or have additions added. The Assessor is responsible to list and value these new homes, remodels and additions as well as new commercial buildings.

In preparation for estimating the 2020 assessed value of real property in the county, appraisers will perform physical inspections of both residential and commercial new construction beginning Tuesday, April 28 and will continue through Monday, Aug. 31.

What does this mean for property owners? You may see appraisers in marked county vehicles reviewing your property or your neighbor’s property for any updates if it qualifies as new construction. They may even take a picture of the property in order to update county records. Appraisers will walk the area of construction to determine the quality of improvements and physically measure the buildings.

What do I do when I see them? Nothing unless asked. The appraiser may have questions about changes if you are available, or they may leave a door hanger on your doorknob if they would like you to contact them. For the safety of residents and county staff, appraisers will observe recommended COVID-19 mitigation measures such as:

  • Keeping a six-foot distance between people
  • Appraisers may be wearing a face covering

Additionally appraisers will:

  • Wear an orange construction vest to be easily seen
  • Display county photo identification on a lanyard

What if I lease/rent? The property still needs to be assessed. If asked about updates you may choose to answer the questions or refer the appraiser to the owner.

For questions visit or read some FAQs at

Peter Van Nortwick
County Assessor