Requests for Information

From time to time, you may have a question about a property.  We're pleased to let you know that there are a number of resources to help you get property specific information.

Property Information Center

The Property Information Center (PIC) allows you to search for property information by street address or tax account number (searches by owner name are available from the computers in the Joint Lobby Self-Service area of our office). You will find property assessment information as well as links to recorded documents and surveys at this site. 

Assessment and Taxation Open Data

The Open Data Hub for assessment and taxation open data is a collection of the data that we report.  This data is updated weekly, review the README.txt file in the download to note the date of the last refresh. 


The MapsOnline tool can answer many of your mapping and property information questions. It is also integrated with Community Development's permitting system, so you can see permits that have been issued for a particular property.

Recorded Documents

The Auditor's Office maintains recorded documents. The Auditor's recorded document search will provide you with the reference numbers of recorded documents related to specific parcels.  Copies of the documents may be requests of the Auditor's Office for a fee.

Additional Helpful Information

The buttons to your left represent other helpful information that are commonly requested of our office. 

Physical Records (not information)

WA State Archives

The majority of records produced from the Assessor's Office has a six year retention window. Any record available that the WA Secretary of State lists for the assessor retention schedule will be transferred to their archives. 

Public Records Requests

To submit a Public Records request, we ask that you use the County's Public Records Request Portal.  Records requests are for existing physical records, not information. 

For recorded documents, please use the Recorded Document Search as these are handled by the Auditor Recording Office and are only available through their office.

Not Handled by Clark County

  • Legal advice for deed creation or property law - recommend contacting a real property attorney.
  • Property line determination or survey inspections- recommend contacting a professional surveyor.
  • Blueprints or house plans- recommend contacting the original builder.
For information requests please use  our contact us page.
Can't find what you are looking for?  Use our How do I? section to review other resources.