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The Assessor's Office determines the value of all taxable real and personal property within Clark County.  We also administer property tax relief programs on behalf of the Department of Revenue.  The grid below summarizes the information that the Assessor's Office and other county office support.

The county does not provide:  Legal advice for deeds or property (contact a real property attorney); property line determination or survey inspections (contact a professional surveyor); or blueprints or house plans (contact the original builder).

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Responsible Office

Contact Information

1300 Franklin Street
Vancouver, WA  98660

 Assessor, 2nd floor


   Assessor - Contact Us

  Assessor Main Page

 Auditor, 2nd floor


  Auditor Document Search

 Auditor's Recording Guide

 Auditor, Licensing

1408 Franklin Street

Auditor Licensing


 Treasurer, 2nd floor


  Treasurer's Office

  • Appeals for:
    • Assessed property value
    • Denied Tax Exemption applications
    • Business Personal Property (BPP) value

 Board of Equalization,           6th floor


  Board of Equalization

 For those properties outside of any city limit, the property is covered by Clark County.

  • Building inspections
  • Building permits
  • Land Use
  • ​Zoning
  • New address creation

 Any property inside a city limit, contact your local city building and permitting department.

Community Development, 3rd floor


  Community Development

Land Records,         2nd floor


Land Records