Property Values


The Assessor's Office is responsible for determining the value of all taxable real and personal property and notifying taxpayers of those values.  The questions in this section are some of the questions our office most frequently receives regarding property values and the notices of value statements.

The Assessor’s Office mails Notice of Values in accordance with RCW 84.40.045 & WAC 458-12-360.

  • When will Notice of Values (NOV) Mail?

The majority of NOVs will mail in June and the balance will mail in September each year.  We will not know which properties specifically will be in either mailing.  Once mailed, notices are linked by year on the opening page of the Property Information Center along the bottom right-hand side of the webpage. 

Actual dates of mailing vary each year.  Only properties that changed value will receive an NOV.

  • How long do you have to file an appeal from the notice mailing date?  

You have 60 days from the mail date on the Notice of Value to appeal property value.  Contact the Board of Equalization (BOE) to start the appeal process at  They will also advise on guidelines as to what they will accept for appeals.

County assessors are required to annually determine the full (100%) market value of all taxable property in the county, and to notify property owners of any changes from the previous year. Notices mailed this year show a property’s market value on January 1. This value will be used to calculate next year's property taxes.

All property values in the state are established on the same date each year: January 1st. The values listed on the notices were established as of January 1st. They are based on sales of similar properties during the last year. Market values have changed since that time. The price you can sell your property for today may be higher or lower than your assessed value on January 1st.

The “snapshot” of values taken on January 1st determines the portion of the tax bill each property owner will pay. Since all properties in the county are assessed on the same date, the share of taxes to be paid remains the same until all properties are valued again next January 1st

No. There are no limits on increases or decreases in assessed property values. This value is based on the requirement that assessed values be established at 100% of market value on January 1st. While assessed values remain the same until the next year, market values continue to fluctuate throughout the year.

Your taxes are calculated based on the budgets submitted by jurisdictions that provide you services. These budgets are prepared independently from property values and are limited to a 1% increase from one year to the next. This limit does not apply to taxes from voter-approved bonds and special levies. Property values determine the share of these budgets that individual property owners will pay.

Sales information is available from our website on the Residential Property Sales Information page.

There are special programs that can reduce the taxable value of property for qualifying seniors, disabled persons, and lands in farm and forest production. Additional information about these programs can be found on the county web site.

Property owners are encouraged to talk with a county appraiser to verify that our assessment records are accurate. Errors may be corrected without a hearing. You may appeal the value we have placed on your property to the Clark County Board of Equalization. Information about the appeals process and appeal forms are available on the BOE web site, by visiting their office in Vancouver at 1300 Franklin Street, Suite 650, or by calling their office at 564.397.2337.