Residential Property Sales Information

Property Sales

The Property Information Center (PIC) is a tool that property owners and others may use to find information including assessment data, sales history, building characteristics, recorded documents and tax information. In addition to the information you may find in the PIC, we have made available to you detailed property sales information used in our analysis to set assessed values.

Sales Information

Assessment Year
Sale Type
PDF Version
CSV Version
2024 (Current Year)ResidentialLinkLink
2024 (Current Year)Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2023Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2022 Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2021ResidentialLinkNot Available
2021Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2020ResidentialLinkNot Available
2020Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2019ResidentialLinkNot Available
2019Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2018ResidentialLinkNot Available
2018Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2017ResidentialLinkNot Available
2017Manufactured HomesLinkNot Available
2017Manufactured Homes (neighborhoods 298 & 299)LinkNot Available