Clark County Assessor’s Office Residential Property Appraisers in your area


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In preparation for estimating the 2021 assessed value of real property in the county, county appraisers will perform physical inspections of residential properties shown on the map (green). Inspections are currently underway and will continue through February of 2021.

What does this mean for property owners?

You may see appraisers in marked county vehicles reviewing your property for any updates. They may even take a picture of the property in order to update our records. Appraisers perform exterior inspections only. They will not perform any interior inspections. However, occasionally we have a question about a property. In those cases, the appraiser may leave a door hanger on the front door with a request for you to contact our office.

What do I do when I see them?

Nothing unless asked; their visual inspection should take a few minutes. The appraiser may have questions about changes if you are available, or they may leave a door hanger on your doorknob if they would like you to contact them.

What if I lease/rent?

The property still needs to be assessed. If asked about updates you may choose to answer the questions or refer the appraiser to the owner.

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