County begins conversation to transition management of jail from Sheriff’s Office to County Manager’s Office

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The Clark County Council today approved a resolution establishing a new county department of Jail Services. This is the first step of the conversation to transition the management of the county jail from the Sheriff’s Office to the County Manager’s Office.

“The county is committed to work together internally and with our local partners to ensure a thoughtful and smooth transition during the upcoming months,” said Otto. “A safe, suitable jail facility for those housed in the jail as well as those who work and provide services in the jail will continue to be the number one priority.”

An intentional transition plan of Jail Services will be developed in collaboration with all relevant partners and is expected to take several months.

“We are committed to provide more information with residents regarding this transition. We will be reaching out as we move through the process by sending news releases to the media, posting information on the county’s website and on social media platforms,” said Otto

The resolution and staff report can be found on the county’s website at

Kathleen Otto, County Manager