Correction Facility Advisory Commission





The Clark County Council and the Clark County Sheriff believe it is in the public interest to assure a safe and secure correction facility. The existing correction facility is aging and no longer meets many community needs. It has structural and space issues that provide significant challenges for meeting statutory requirements for a safe and secure facility.

The county sheriff engaged in a study of correction facility options and the county council concluded additional input from stakeholders and the community would assist the council in decision making on correction facility options.

The sheriff and the council jointly decided in January 2018 to assemble a correction facility advisory commission to provide additional review and input on the proposed options. The commission has approximately 25 members from law and justice, community services, social services, business, neighborhoods and cities and will include representation from labor. 

The purpose is of the commission is to provide the county council with:

  1. An assessment of;
    • the need for improved correction facility design, capacity and services;
    • the options for improving correction facility design; and
    • community service level expectations.
  2. A recommended solution based on assessment results, community service level expectations, and potentially available resources.

Recommendations are due by November 1, 2018.

Members of the Advisory Commission include:

Term: April 1, 2018-December 31, 2018



City of Vancouver law enforcement

Chief McElvain, Vice Chair

Other city law enforcement

Chief Richardson

Clark County District Court

Judge Kelli Osler

Clark County Superior Court

Judge Scott Collier

County Clerk

Scott Weber

Prosecuting Attorney

Tony Golik

Defense Bar

Louis Byrd

Community Services

Vanessa Gaston

Public Health

Dr. Alan Melnick

Disability Rights Washington

Kim Mosolf

City manager, city of Vancouver

Eric Holmes

City manager, other city

Steve Stuart

City manager, other city

David Scott

Councilor, city of Vancouver

Anne McEnerny Ogle

Councilor, other city

Melissa Smith

Councilor, other city

Greg Thornton

Neighborhood association, city of Vancouver

Carmen Carabello

Neighborhood association, Clark County

Roger Entrekin

Business community

Peter Seeley

Business community

Craig Pridemore, Chair

Social services

Kate Budd

Social services

John Moren


Bob Carroll

At large

Eulalia Soto