Charter Review Commission Overview

In November 2014, the voters of Clark County voted to adopt the home rule charter form of government. The Clark County Charter went into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

The charter contains a requirement that it be reviewed by a 15-member elected review commission. Three members are elected countywide and each of the four county councilor districts has three commissioners as well. As required in the charter commission members were elected in November 2020, five years after adoption of the charter. Any changes to the charter that the review commission recommends would go to a countywide vote in a general election.

Invite a commissioner to speak to your organization

Charter Review Commissioners are happy to meet community members and visit neighborhood associations, religious groups, community organizations and others to discuss possible charter amendments. The commission faces an early August deadline to put proposed changes before county voters on the Nov. 2 ballot.

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Community feedback in online survey 

Survey period: June 4-18

Results from this survey will help inform the commission of public opinion regarding specific charter amendment proposals including partisan and non-partisan elected positions, councilor districts and government ethics oversight.

Charter Review Commission Survey Report 2021

Individual answers to survey in English

Individual answers to survey in Spanish