Superior Court is a court of record.  Most proceedings are electronically recorded.

Copies of the proceedings are provided on CDs/DVDs and playable on a computer. Each CD costs $27 (this includes a non-refundable $2 processing fee per transaction). The number of CDs required is dependent upon the length of the proceeding(s) and the number of judicial officers (if more than one proceeding for each case is requested).

Please bear in mind that audio/video for commissioners' proceedings are retained for two years. Criminal proceedings are retained for 15 years, with the exception of capital crimes, which are retained indefinitely. Other case types (Civil and Family Law) are retained for six years after the entry of final judgment, pursuant to RCW36.23.070


To Purchase a Copy of the Record

1.  Complete the form provided on this link.

  • When requesting a copy of the record, you will need the hearing date(s), the name of the case, the case number and name of the judicial officer who heard the matter.

2.  Complete the Point & Pay online payment process. Click here to pay online.

  • Fill in the case name, hearing date, judicial officer, case number, and the amount of $25.00. Click "Add Item." Click "Next." This will take you to a screen where you can enter your payment information. Once you complete this section, you will receive an email confirmation of payment.

3.  Email request form and proof of payment to CD Requests.

  • Proof of payment must be provided prior to completion of CD request.


If the record must be transcribed, you must hire a transcriptionist. PLEASE CALL THE TRANSCRIPTIONIST FIRST TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY. Pursuant to GR 35, official court transcripts may be completed and filed only by a certified court reporter who meets the standards outlined in RCW 18.145.080 or by an authorized transcriptionist who has been approved by the court to prepare an official verbatim report of proceedings of an electronically recorded court proceeding.

GR 35 only applies to the preparation of transcripts of court proceedings. It does not apply to transcriptions of interviews, statements or other out-of-court proceedings.

List of Transcriptionists. This is a list of transcriptionists who have been approved by the court to prepare verbatim reports of proceedings pursuant to GR 35 and RAP 9.2.

List of Certified Court Reporters. This is a partial list of certified Washington court reporters.

Link to GR 35