Zoom Information

Adult Criminal Dockets

9:00am First Appearance Docket/Criminal Docket (Arraignment) 

1:30pm M/T/W Change of Plea Docket  (out-of-custody plea defendants need to appear in person)

1:30pm TUESDAY Out of Custody Docket 

1:30pm THURSDAY Readiness Docket - March 23, 2023 (Docket is not split)

9:00am FRIDAY Change of Plea Docket

1:30pm FRIDAY In/Out of Custody Criminal Docket 

Juvenile Dockets

9:00am Juvenile Offender (Delinquency) Docket 

1:30pm Truancy Docket

Protection Order Dockets

9:00  M/T/TH/F Protection Order Docket 

Dependency Dockets

Commissioner Ellis

All Dependency Matters

Judge Gonzales

1:30pm FRIDAY Termination Docket

Civil Dockets

Judge Retsinas

9:00am FRIDAY Civil Motions

Judge Sheldrick

1:30pm WEDNESDAY Civil Motions 

1:30pm THURSDAY Unlawful Detainer Docket

9:00am FRIDAY Civil Motions 

Judge Vanderwood

1:30pm WEDNESDAY Civil Motions

9:00am FRIDAY Civil Motions

Commissioner Family Law Dockets     

Commissioner Ellis

9:00am WEDNESDAY Show Cause and Pro Se Dockets

Commissioner Hayes

9:00am WEDNESDAY Show Cause Docket 

1:30pm THURSDAY Pro Se Docket 

Commissioner Sasser

1:30pm MONDAY Pro Se Docket

9:00am WEDNESDAY Show Cause Docket 

Commissioner Swingen

1:30pm TUESDAY Child Support Docket

Judges' Family Law Dockets

Judge Banfield

9:00am FRIDAY Family Law Docket 

Judge Cornell

1:30pm THURSDAY Family Law Docket 

9:00am FRIDAY Family Law Docket

Judge Gonzales

1:30pm THURSDAY Family Law Docket

9:00am FRIDAY Family Law Docket