Juror Parking Information

Clark County jurors have multiple parking options when reporting for jury service. If your group is required to report during your service term, you'll want to read the information below so you know where to park.

Juror Parking Map


Jury Parking Lots

There are 3 Jury Parking Lots where you can park for free. To park in a Jury Parking Lot, you'll need to use your 'Parking Permit' from your original summons or any other postcard/mail that was sent to you by Jury Administration. 

Simply place the 'Parking Permit' or postcard on your dashboard so that is visible through your windshield. If you rescheduled your service term and the date reflected on the 'Parking Permit' is no longer accurate, that is ok. You can still use that 'Parking Permit' when reporting for jury service.


Jury Parking Lot #1

This parking lot is directly below the Clark County Sheriff's Office on West 11th Street. It is the closest jury parking lot to the West Entrance of the Clark County Courthouse.

Jury Parking Lot #1 on West 11th Street


Jury Parking Lot #2

This jury parking lot is on the corner of West 13th Street and Harney Street. It is easily identified by the chain link fence surrounding the entire parking lot.

Jury Parking Lot #2 on the Corner of West 13th Street and Harney Street


Jury Overflow Parking

This is the largest parking lot available for jurors with over a hundred unreserved spaces available. If the other Jury Parking Lots are full, Jury Overflow Parking may be a great option for you. It is located directly behind the Clark County Public Service Center & Parking Garage. You can enter this lot from West Mill Plain Blvd. or West 13th Street.

Jury Overflow Parking Behind Public Service Center and Parking Garage


Reserved Parking

Most of the parking spaces available in Jury Parking Lots will have registration numbers on the ground - these numbers are fine. However, if you see a space marked 'RESERVED' you are NOT permitted to park in that space. 'RESERVED' spaces will have a plate or marking on the ground indicating that is is reserved.

Jury Parking Not Permitted in Reserved Spaces


Paid Metered Parking

There are many pay stations and metered parking spaces available around the Clark County Courthouse. If you have difficulty finding available parking while reporting for jury service, you can utilize paid parking. It is recommended that you start with at least 5 hours paid. You will have breaks/opportunities to add more time throughout the day. You can also utilize the 'Parking Kitty' app for most paid parking. 

If you pay for parking at a pay station or meter, please let Jury Administration know the amount so that you can be reimbursed for your parking expense.

Clark County Courts can reimburse paid parking expenses, however we cannot reimburse parking tickets or towing expenses. Please be mindful of where you park and when your parking time expires.

Juror Paid Metered Parking


Disabled/Handicap Parking

If you have a permit placard for specialized parking, you may use any eligible spot designated for that purpose. There are multiple Disabled/Handicap Parking Spaces available around the Clark County Courthouse.

Jury Disabled/Handicap Parking


Still unsure about where to park? Contact Jury Administration by email or phone (564.397.2049) and we will be happy to assist you. We appreciate your time and effort!