Commissioner Family Law Dockets

For Telephonic or Video Appearance

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Commissioner Family Law motion dockets (Show Cause, Modification, Pro Se, Pro se finalizations) will resume as scheduled

  • Matters must be timely filed and served to be considered. 
  • Courtesy copies to the bench should be submitted pursuant to Local Rule 6
  • Oral argument, to the extent allowed, will be limited
Remote Hearing Guidelines
  • Do not speak or identify yourself when you enter the hearing but be prepared to indicate your presence when your matter is called by the Commissioner.
  • Keep your microphone (phone/computer) muted until it is time for you to speak.
  • Use *6 to unmute your telephone.
  • If possible, avoid using the speaker phone feature on your phone.  If using a computer, consider using a headset with microphone.  In either case, please speak slowly and clearly, and to the extent possible, eliminate any background noises in your environment.
  • Do not put your call to your court hearing on HOLD.  Many phone systems have “hold music” that plays when Hold is activated.  Connections disrupting a hearing with hold music or other interference will be terminated, and your matter may be stricken.


Entry of Orders
  • Agreed orders should be signed and submitted to ex parte per General Order 20-11 Emergency Ex Parte Rule or submitted via email to the Commissioner's Judicial Assistant. 

    • If submitted via email, parties shall include the case number, Commissioner name, and date of the hearing in the subject line. 

  • If contested orders are being submitted, please review the procedure under General Order 21-04 Section 5, Clark County Revised Emergency Order  

  • Please see the Commissioner Entry of Orders Flow Chart


Please only send ONE email with proposed orders.  


Self-Represented Finalization

Self-Represented Finalizations will be held in-person with strict observance of social distancing and other public health measures. Parties shall appear with their final orders completely filled out and signed.

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