Recruitment of Minor Guardianship Parent Representative Attorneys


Clark County Superior Court – Attorney Recruitment
Attorney Registry for Parent Representation in Minor Guardianships


Clark County Superior Court is accepting applications from individual attorneys to provide legal representation for parents in minor guardianship actions under RCW 11.130.

In 2019, the Legislature enacted the Uniform Guardianship Act, RCW 11.130, which repeals RCW 26.10 in its entirety. Article 2 of the Uniform Guardianship Act concerns Guardianships of Minors, and requires the Court to appoint an attorney for an indigent parent who has appeared in the proceeding and objects to the appointment of a guardian. Article 2 further allows for the appointment of an attorney for a non-indigent parent under other limited circumstances.

The successful registrant will be required to provide legal representation for parents in minor guardianship actions in accordance with RCW 11.130. The following description of counsel’s responsibilities and actions is presented as an outline of what constitutes thorough and professional representation. An individual case may not require all of the activities enumerated. Underlying each activity is the expectation that the attorney will possess knowledge and understanding of current statutes, rules of court, relevant case law, and the policies inherent within them.
   a. Maintain ongoing client contact and timely inform the client of any upcoming motions or other activity within the legal case
   b. Provide legal representation at all stages of the proceeding, including attending and participating in all scheduled hearings
   c. Provide legal advice and consultation as needed.
   d. Conduct legal research as needed
   e. File pleadings, including petitions, motions, responses, or objections, as necessary to represent the client
   f. Initiate and respond to discovery requested as required or necessary
   g. Present and cross-examine witnesses, offer exhibits, and provide independent evidence as appropriate
   h. Prepare and submit briefs or other appropriate pleadings prior to contested hearings
   i. Participate in settlement negotiations to seek an expeditious resolution of the case, avoiding continuances and delays
   j. Attempt to settle any contested issues by initiating and participating in settlement negotiations, including mediation
   k. Be prepared to endorse, challenge, and amplify any reports submitted to the court
   l. Ensure that the record reflects objections, reasoning, waivers, and the evidence upon which the court relies, and that it preserves issues for appeal

To ensure that all information provided is properly evaluated, please organize and label proposals in the structure provided below (A, B, C, etc.).
Submittals shall include, at a minimum, the following:
Experience/Similar Projects:

   A. A descriptive narrative of the applicant’s experience and proposed approach to the representation of children in minor guardianship actions, including your case management process, policy and documentation procedures;
   B. Include the number of years the attorney has been practicing and any previous or additional names under which the attorney has conducted business.
   C. Describe the attorney’s experience and training related to representation of parents or children Title 13, Title 26 or related types of cases.
   D. Describe experience handling trials, relevant court experience and other services provided.
   E. Provide resume and submit proof of membership in the Washington State Bar Association and disclose any pending or past disciplinary proceedings. Submittals that do not include the required proof of membership in the Washington State Bar Association at the time of submittal shall be considered non-responsive and will be eliminated from further consideration.

Understanding of Indigent Representation Services

   F. Provide a narrative articulating your understanding of the role of an attorney appointed for a parent in a proceeding of this or a similar nature and any unique added value that you may offer.
   G. Provide a narrative of your ability to work collaboratively, your ability to conduct legal research and write legal briefs, and provide effective advocacy with value-added features or capabilities beneficial to the County.

When the Court needs an Attorney, the Clark County Superior Court will appoint an attorney based on a rotating system.

1. Case Assignment and Control. The Attorney must provide a copy of any order of appointment or withdrawal to the Superior Court Administration office.

2. Invoices. The Attorney shall submit to the Court properly executed invoices indicating Superior Court case numbers for each cases to which the Attorney has been appointed, the total number of service hours per case, and the amount due in accordance with the rate set out below. Invoices shall be submitted no later than ten working days after the month in which the work was performed.

3. Case Fees. The Attorney shall be paid at the rate of Seventy-five and no/100 Dollars ($75.00) per hour for services provided under this contract.

Send applications to:
Clark County Superior Court
Attn: Court Administration – UGA Parent Representation
PO Box 5000
Vancouver, WA 98666-5000